Thursday, 13 March 2008

Thirteen Things I Plan to Do When I Rule the World
1. Reward loyal followers
2. Disband army of ninja squirrels
3. Make prettyful crown for self
4. Add large ice-cubes to the sea to sort out global warming
5. Give penguins control of Greenland
6. Destroy all icky nuclear weapons
7. Ban Chavs
8. Do something about Bush
9. Officially declare certain people muffins
10. Build a prettyful castle...somewhere
11. Make all the people on WR Queens (or Kings, Eden!) of various countries
12. Sort out poverty and things...
13. Woei a bit in celebration
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~Liz~ said...

Ooooooooo! I officially nominate you for supreme ruler of the world!

Fey said...


Eden said...

*glee* King me!


A. Catherine Noon said...

I love this! Awesome! I wanna be Queen of Canada!

Jean said...

Love it! Can I live in Greenland with the penguins?


Gwen Mitchell said...

I'll take Iceland. And New Zealand. *grin* Cute TT! You have my vote! *hugs*

Fey said...

You can live with the penguins if you like, though they can get a bit rowdy...

Iceland AND New Zeland? hmmm welll only if you share the hotsprings with me ^*^