Saturday, 8 March 2008


As part of Archaeology we've been looking at various human skeletons, learning how to age them and find out their gender...that sort of thing. Anyway I got a few pictures of 'the headless roman', it's a bit of a sad story about him.

He was a bit short (5"2) and must've really annoyed someone because he was welded into chains about a year before he died and then he was buried in them, he's called the headless roman because he was beheaded (strangely enough o.O). It was really weird looking at all the injuries he suffered whilst being imprisoned and at the same time knowing this had been a person. I dropped one of his toe bones and ended up apologising to him, the professor who was teaching the class said she apologises too O.O. It was a really odd set of experiences to look at different bones each week.

p.s never get is so ew on your bones


Eden said...

Aw... That's sweet that you apologised to him. Poor man.

Do you enjoy your bone-poking lessons? They look interesting.

Fey said...

They were really interesting but I wasn't keen on the children's bones...there was a toddler's femur which looked like a it came from a fox, they're just so ickle.

A. Catherine Noon said...

Wow. I didn't continue in Gross Anatomy (what we call it in the states) because I couldn't stand to look at human remains. Kudos to you for doing so! I find them majorly creepy.

I would have apologized too. How horrific! It is unbelievable how barbaric we can be to one-another. Did they ever say what his crime was, to warrant such ghastly treatment?

I love your blog! Yay fey!

Fey said...

Nope, he was just dug up like that we're not sure what happened. And it was an odd feeling to know that it had been a person...really really odd.

Gwenefhar said...

Yay! Your first post, and finally the picis! I find archeology intensely interesting. My mom is an anthropologist and did a lot of archeology study. She actually was on your side of the pond for eight weeks on a dig. Did you like the course on the whole, or plan to take any more?

I had a bone lab for my physical anthro class, but it was mostly handling other primates, and then plastic castings of the extinct species.

But it probably helps that I am not squicked by anything physiological. I did a cadaver lab. It was AWESOME!!

I can just see you apologizing, Fey - you're so cute. *huggles*

Wow - I'm chatty tonight! =P

Fey said...

I love the course *woeis*. I'm not squicked out by much either, apart from eyes...they are just urgh!

And it's AMAZING you got to handle extinct species! I'd love to do that!

And I'm actually off to another set of lectures tomorrow, it's a one day thing and I signed up for it in December so I'm not exactly sure what I picked any more.